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Answer the secret question & go in the draw to win The Pizza Feast for your class. All on us!

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  1. Well, it depends what the unexpected thing is. If it’s like you move to new seats at your school and they are not your friends try making friend with them but still always keep in contact with you friends. Also if your bestie away sick try play with a old friend or play a game with some random people.


    PNINS rm 1

  2. Please dedicate your next rock, paper, scissors to Koromatua School in Hamilton.

  3. Thank you Liam for winning your round of Rock, Paper, Scissors Showdown for us at Balaclava School.

    Our answer to the Pizza Feast is:
    talk about it
    accept what you can’t change
    stay calm

    Room 8
    Balaclava School
    2 Mercer Street

  4. Waihi Beach School please can we have some PIZZA!!!!Room1
    YOU GUYS ARE GOATED!!!!!!!!!! everyone in Room 123 really love yous!

  5. Room 4 Te Horo School would love you to do paper scissors rock for us.

    Try and give the new/ unexpected things a go. Try not to get upset when unexpected things happen. Think of others, Go and tell a teacher and stand up for yourself. Remember its just one moment in time and things can change.

  6. When something unexpected happens, try taking a deep breath.

    Please do your next Rock, Paper, Scissors competition for PNINS (Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School).

  7. St Cuthberts School really want a pizza feast!!!!!!!!!!

    Pizza Feast Answer:
    Just try to go with the flow like water. Cause no matter what you put water in, like a cup, a bowl the water will just change shape to fit in it. So be flexible and go with the flow.

  8. Hi!!!
    Could you please do your next Rock, Paper, Scissors game for Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School (PNINS)?

    When something unexpected happens, try to accept it if it’s something really small that you absolutely cannot change, but if it’s something big that really affects you just keep calm, and talk it out. Take a deep breath, and just give it a go because you never know what will happen unless you try it. Be considerate, and be an upstander, not a bystander!

    Mila Mitchell
    Room 4 Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School (PNINS)

  9. When something unexpected happens I think you should be by yourself.
    Then try to calm yourself down and relax.
    After take a deep breath and be silent.
    Hide for 1 minute and try to make yourself comftable.
    Lastly, you should try forget the whole story ever happened and get back up and try to act normal.

  10. Te Puna school for paper scissors rock comp room 6 for Eva. also the answer is Imagine your own little world with all the things you love.📰✂🪨

  11. Te Puna school for paper scissors rock pretty pleeaasseeee.Also the awnser to (how to be flexible if unexpected thing’s happen is Imagine your own little world with things you love!

  12. I dare say you would either need an extremely quick brain or mind reading, or just saving a script of words in your head just in case. Another thing is just knowing the RIGHT THING TO DO (P.S. Giving my class pizza).

  13. your guys videos are really cool and tells me a lot about what’s going around in the world in a better way in explaining than the news articles do!

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