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Answer the secret question & go in the draw to win The Pizza Feast for your class. All on us!

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  1. Te Awaroa Teina from Kaimata School here.
    We would like to enter the pizza feast.
    Q: What can you do when things seem unfair?

    A: Today we talked about that things can seem unfair because of how it may be perceived by others. When an outcome is unfavourable for someone their emotions can run high. This can come out as anger, disappointment, frustration, sadness, and lots of others.
    When things seem unfair we can do a number of things:
    – try some breathing strategies
    – use our WITS (walk away, ignore, talk it out, send for help)
    – Have a cry (it’s ok to cry at first, this can by part of our emotions) but it is important what we do after.
    – talk to someone – this depends on the situation but at times it could include coaches, parents, teachers, friends, referees, umpires etc. How we talk to these people is important because we still need to be respectful of others and how we talk to them eg tone, volume. If we aren’t respectful people will choose to not egage. Staying COOl, CALM, and COLLECTED is important.


  2. When things start to seem unfair my favourite things to help my self to calm down is to stop sit down and just take a deep breath or talk to somebody to give yourself some support and perspective to help you make sense of what is happening to you. Thank you from Chloe

  3. My answer to the question is take yourself away from the problem Olol our lady of lur

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