Zoo monkeys escape into food shop

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Two monkeys escaped from their enclosure at Marwell Zoo in Winchester, UK.

The monkeys made a bee-line for the zoo food shop!

Keepers at Marwell Zoo barricade visitors inside buildings while they captured the macaques monkeys.  Macaques monkeys can be aggressive and dangerous if they feel threatened.

Zoo keepers trapped the monkeys in the food shop and they were retrieved and returned to their enclosure shortly after they escaped.

No one was hurt and an investigation by the zoo is under way.

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28 Responses

  1. it will be cool to see a real life monkey but they are dangerous they killed my mums friend by strangling her

  2. The monkey probably went for the chips!
    Imagine if that happened in Auckland Zoo?

  3. Monkeys are generally kept in closed roof cages because they are excellent climbers

  4. I think the zoo keepers need to put higher walls to stop the monkeys from escaping. It’s a mystery how they escaped…

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