Zonkey born at UK Farm

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A Zonkey, called Baby Zippy, has been born in Somerset, England.

What is a Zonkey??!!

A Zonkey is an ultra-rare crossbreed between a zebra and a donkey.

​He was born to zebra mum Ziggy.

Farmer Kristine Turner said the six-year-old zebra mum shares the paddock with nine donkeys.

Baby Zippy is only Britain’s second zonkey. He looks very much like a zebra-donkey mix – with the stripey legs of a zebra but with a donkey’s face.​

Baby Zippy is officially a “zebroid” – the name for a cross between a zebra and any other equine.

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  1. That. Is. The. Best. Thing. I. Have. EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. That’s so cool how they can do crossbreeds like that. I want one.

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