YouTube trying to keep kids safer online

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YouTube Kids says it is making changes that it hopes will better protect children and young people online.

The move comes after some children reported upsetting videos which were repeatedly found on the service.

Earlier this year, videos appeared on the app, and on YouTube Kids, that were not appropriate.

Now Google says it will give parents more control over to what videos you can see on YouTube Kids.

One of these changes is using people, instead of computers, to decide what videos are appropriate for the YouTube Kids app.

This means your parents will be able to make sure that you can only see videos that Youtube staff have decided are appropriate for children.

How does YouTube work?
YouTube currently uses something called an algorithm.

An algorithm is a special computer programme, which then decides which videos can appear on YouTube Kids.

This means any video uploaded to YouTube can also appear on YouTube Kids if the company’s algorithms decide it is suitable.

But this doesn’t always work very well as the computers can make mistakes, and inappropriate videos have repeatedly appeared on YouTube Kids.

So what will the changes mean?
Your parents will be able to change the settings on YouTube Kids to:

– Approve every video before the app will allow you to watch it,

– Get YouTube staff to decide what videos are safe for kids, rather than just letting the computer algorithm decide, and

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  1. I love youtube and as they are making it safer I will be loving it!!

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