Yes We’re Twins!

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No one believes that Maria and Lucy are twins, and it’s true that they don’t look anything alike, because Mary is black and Lucy is white.

The biracial twins from the UK were born to a white father and half-Jamaican mother. Everyone mistakes the sisters for friends and they have even had to provide their birth certificates in order to prove that they are in fact twins.

Maria and Lucy surprised even their own parents with their very different looks, but they say their personalities are just as different as their appearances!

Their 3 other siblings have skin colour somewhere between both their parents, a mix of each, but Lucy has very fair skin with red hair while Maria has caramel skin with dark brown hair.

The girls don’t mind being different though and say at least no one confuses them for each other like other twins they know!

Are these the coolest twins ever?!


Article written by D Mulhern

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  1. There are a few other similar cases of biracial twins that you can look up and check out.

    Kian and Remee are twin sisters

    Viviana and Dennis twin brother and sister

    Triniti and Ghabriael twin brother and sister


  3. There is a 1/10 chance that those are twins and it is very impressive may i ask how is this possible

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