Yanny v Laurel

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The internet has been thrown into a meltdown over an audio clip which is dividing the opinions of listeners.

The clip – which has gone viral online – leaves some people convinced they have heard the word “Yanny”, while others are adamant that it says “Laurel”.

What do you think?

176 Responses

  1. XD i used to hear ‘Yuri’ now i hear Laurel (its really clear in this vid, in others the pitch is either higher or lower).

  2. its because everyone ears are different some here yanny and some hear laural but it is relay yally

  3. I’m getting lanny… and no it’s not a spelling mistake I actually hear LANNY!

  4. its so weird at school i heard Yanny and right now I’m hearing Laurel..

  5. It’s actually recorded Laurel, but the person who made it changed the pitch so people could hear either one.

  6. Laurel because if the pitch is lowered then you can hear yanny but if the pitch is high then you hear laurel.

  7. Thats so freaky mum and sis heard both at different times with the same vid. SO WEIRD!! but i have only ever heard Laurel

  8. Its Yanny If you hear Laurel you have older ears if Yanny you have young ears

  9. i am not joking some how i can hear laurel but then some others times i can hear yanny

  10. You can hear both depending on what you want to hear. Say Yanny in your head and you get Yanny. Say Laurel in your head and you get Laurel. (Works if you try it a few times)

  11. Watch the scientific explanation. I heard laurel but the first time I watched the explanation video then I heard Yanny Laurel Yanny laurel.

  12. i can hear yanny is the speaker is facing away from me but if its facing me i can hear laurel i just pick what i want

  13. I CAN HEAR BOTH when you turn up the pitch 30% you can hear laurel but if you turn down the pitch 30% you can hear Yanny, they made this video by just over lapping sounds. So no mater what you hear your right.

  14. for some odd reason I hear JEREMY. I think im going to back out of this one

  15. when u come close to the speaker it turns to Laurel. When u come away from the speaker it turns to Yanny.

  16. I heard both first Yanny then laurel I was further away the second time and heard laurel! But when I went closer I heard Yanny

  17. If you hear yanny you have younger ears (I hear yanny)But the actual saying is laurel

  18. I heard Yanny the first time but Laurel the second time… so I heard both but now I only hear Yanny:)

  19. In the thirty percent pitch it is yanny but in the seventy pecent pitch it’s laurel

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