Meet the world’s ugliest dog

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Meet the ugliest dog in the world, at least according to a California-based pagent.

Sweepee Rambo, a 17 year old blind Chihuahua/Chinese Crested snatched the undesirable title beating 16 other contestants.

The dog’s owner took home about $2,000 in prize money and a trophy.

This is the 28th year The World’s Ugliest Dog competition had been held at the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds in Petaluma, California.

Many of the dogs have been rescued from shelters and puppy mills. They are scored by a panel of judges on first impression, unusual attributes, natural ugliness and personality.

The level of cheers a dog receives from the audience while strutting down the catwalk is also taken into account.

31 Responses

  1. oh wow that unbelievable i didn’t know there was such thing as ugliest dog competition

  2. I feel absolutely SAD at this dog its sad really because its ugly yes but its blind and that makes me cry.
    By Meleane

  3. Just because it might look ugly NOT it dose not mean you have to be mean to it. Just think that was you. >=-( >=-p

  4. I feel so sorry for him. I do hope nobody posts comments on how ugly he is. I hope he lives a lovely rest of his life. Though I would love to win that much money I would rather win it for the cutest dog!

  5. This is just soooo sad.
    Why are they doing this anyway???
    It’s like they’re making fun of the dog.
    And just saying, The dog may ugly on the outside, he may be the beautifulest dog in the inside.

  6. Wow i didn’t know the was a competition about how dogs look weird and cool!?

  7. thats so sad i would just cry if i saw that in real life beause i would fell sorry for it

  8. I think that the dog is great. Because even if it is a little unusual on the outside doesn’t mean that is not loyal(like all dogs on the inside. And I had no idea that there were pagents for the most ungly dog. I’m not saying that he is ugly.

  9. that dog is a living creature it isnt ugly it is sad how this dog is being judged by how it looks. it isnt ok for someone to say a dogs ugly especially if it is blind

  10. How sad…. To be the world’s ugliest dog…. I really think that dog needs some surgery done, or rehablitation…

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