World’s Rarest Medical Conditions

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Got an extra toe? Webbed feet? Sweaty hands? Well you those are a lot more common than you think! However these people suffer from some very rare medical conditions that many people have never even heard of. Here they are:


Tree Man Syndrome 

Ever since he cut his leg as a teenager, Dede Koswara has suffered from a rare skin disease which has left his body covered in warts with the appearance of bark and tree roots growing out of his skin. Doctors are stumped at Dede’s condition and there is no known cure.

Werewolf Syndrome

Jesus Fajardo suffers from Werewolf Syndrome, were an abnormal amount of hair grows over his body giving him the impression of a werewolf. Jesus performed as an attraction at a local circus from the age of 13 until he turned 33.

Vampire Syndrome

These brothers have a lot in common with Twilight – not only is their surname ‘Cullen’ but the have sharp ‘fang-like’ teeth, are very pale and don’t go out in the sun. Simon and George Cullen have a rare condition which leaves them extremely sensitive to sunlight and unable to grow a full set of teeth. The teeth the do have are sharp like fangs. The boys cannot go out in the sun without overheating.

These may be some weird conditions but these people can never be labelled as ordinary or boring! We think they are all pretty brave and special!

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  1. Ummm… Kinda gross, I really dont like the tree man. The vampire thing is a little creepy!! 🙁

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