World’s largest volcano discovered

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Scientists say that they have discovered the largest volcano in the world.

The massive mountain, called a dead colossus, lies deep beneath the Pacific Ocean.

The experts who found the mountain say it is around 2km below the surface of the sea and about 1600km east of Japan.

It is 400 miles wide, 2.5 miles tall and is called the Tamu Massif.

The volcano beats Mauna Loa in Hawaii, thought to be the tallest on earth and is the size of Mars’ vast Olympus Mons volcano – the largest in our Solar System.

145 million years ago

Scientist believe the volcano was formed about 145 million years ago when massive lava flows erupted from the centre of the volcano to form a broad, shield-like feature.

The researchers doubt the volcano’s peak was ever above sea level during its lifetime and say it is unlikely to erupt again.

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