World’s largest rubik’s cube made in Hong Kong

rubriks cube
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The world’s largest Rubik’s cube has been unveiled in Hong Kong.

The functioning Rubik’s cube measures 2.5 metres on each side.

The amazing toy was built in the Nina Mall in Hong Kong by a company specialising in toy creation.

The previous record-holder, created by British puzzle maker Tony Fisher, measured 2 metres on each side.

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  1. omg I so want to go to that mall now I always loved playing with Rubix cube and I can solve a Rubix cube in 1 min

  2. Wow, This is way to big for one person to play with, if they ever would

  3. I guess they used a lot of plastics for it. I just guessed and it will be bad for the earth. Btw that is kind of a interesting news.

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