World’s largest heart on display

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The world’s largest heart has gone on display at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum

The organ belonged to one of two blue whales whose carcasses washed up on the shores of Trout River in Newfoundland three years ago.

Now visitors to a museum in Canada can see what the heart of the planet’s largest animal looks like.

The heart measures  1.5m x 1.5m x 1.5m and would have weighed at least 181kg before removal.

“Some dinosaurs, like sauropods, are longer but by weight, the blue whale is the heaviest animal that has ever lived on earth and of course its heart is the biggest heart,” Burton Lim, Assistant Curator of Mammalogy at the museum said.

Blue whale carcasses are rarely discovered, as they frequently sink into the ocean’s depths due to having comparatively less blubber than other whale species.

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