World’s fastest roller coaster opens

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A new roller coaster, which claims to be the tallest and fastest looping ride in the world, has opened at Six Flags Magic Mountain park in Los Angeles.

The Full Throttle ride in California has a massive 55m loop that takes riders upside down twice and the ride even has a section that takes thrill-seekers backwards.

The attraction, which opened on Saturday, has a top speed going into the loops of 120km per hour.

What is also amazing is that the theme park now has whopping 18 rollercoasters.

[youtube id=”buENw5eWg0w” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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  1. OMG that would be so much fun! The only bad thing is that if you live in New Zealand you can’t exactly just go and ride it. You have to catch a flight Los Angeles book accommodation near the Six Magic Flags Mountain park then ride Full Throttle. When if u lived there u just pay admission then get on the ride. Going at 120 mph would be pretty fast with no sort of screen. You would not be able to see so the experience wouldn’t be as fun as it sounds. Imagine if someone dropped something at the top of the loop and it hit someone it would really hurt.

  2. WOW thats so cool i am going to LA next year i am so going on that my family says they are not going on it because it goes backwards big whoop luckily that we are going with friends 😉

  3. wow amazing but how is that odd it is pretty cool they should make a cool section and that should be on it

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