World’s most common favourite colour

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We’ve all been asked what our favourite colour is, but have you ever wondered what the most common favourite colour in the world is? Well here is your answer – BLUE!

The popular colour has many different meanings, all depending on the shade.

Dark blue – trust, dignity, intelligence and authority

Bright blue – cleanliness, strength, dependability and coolness

Light blue – peace, serenity and infinity

Surprised that blue is the most common favourite colour? Here are some fun facts about blue:

  • 53% of all the flags in the world have the colour blue in them
  • Blue jeans are worn all around the world – and loved by all!
  • The most common colour used for company logos is blue
  • Greeks believe that blue wards off “the evil eye”
  • Dark blue is the colour of mourning in Korea
  • The god Krishna has blue skin
  • Blue is the colour of 2 great things in nature – the sky and sea
  • Studies have shown that weight-lifters are able to lift heavier weights in blue gyms
  • Blue is the least common colour in food we eat
  • Blue is the favourite colour of toothbrush


Article written by D Mulhern


62 Responses

  1. Actchelly the sea is not blue it just looks blue cause of the sky is reflecting off it so technicaly only the sky is blue.

  2. I don’t like blue, I like bright pink, florescent pink, and light purple. But it is interesting that most people like blue. Also, most of my friends like blue. (I don’t know why)

  3. Maybe blue is the most favourite colour because 53% of flags have it?!
    My opinion is that blue is the most favourite colour because the sea is very fun to play in and that is blue or maybe people just like it because it is the colour of the eyes and the y might like their eyes the best? Well blue is a pretty colour and I do understand why lots of people like it best. I do like blue too but it’s not my favourite. Yellow is probably the best for me!

  4. the sea is not technically blue its the reflection of the sky.so technically the sky isn’t blue + purple rules blue drools . But it probably is true because 53% of the flags have blue in them.

  5. I think Blue is a cool colour, My Favourite colour is baby blue, I think it is a cool colour to be common because it is very pretty and someone said that the ocean is not blue it is just clear because the sky reflects on the ocean. I also think Green is a cool colour because Green is nature and like nature.

    Jade C

  6. nahh green is my favourite even though my eyes are blue I like green 100% more but on the bright side I now know that the world likes blue a lot more 🙁

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