World’s closest black hole discovered

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NASA Astronomers have discovered that there is a black hole much closer to Earth than we previously thought!

The new black hole has been named Gaia BH1 after the Gaia spacecraft that found it.

It’s around 1,500 light years away from Earth, which is three times closer than the next closest one.

Scientists think there are hundreds of thousands of black holes in the milky way – but they’re very difficult to spot.

Black holes happen at the end of the life cycle of a star.

When some stars die, because they are so huge, their weight and pressure causes them to collapse in on themselves.

They have the ability to suck in anything – including stars and planets.

How do you find a black hole?

It’s impossible to physically see a black hole with a space telescope, because they lack any light.

Therefore, scientists look at all the light around it to work out where it could be.

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