World’s biggest wave recorded

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A mighty wave towering 19 metres  at a remote spot between Britain and Iceland has become the highest ever recorded.

Data from an automated buoy showed that it rose to 19 metres in the North Atlantic.

That is taller than a six-storey building! The wave occurred after a “very strong” cold front had barrelled through the area, producing winds up of 43.8 knots (80 km an hour).

The previous record for the tallest wave was 18.3m, also in the North Atlantic in December 2007.

Automated buoys are vital tools for oceanographers, sending back data on sea currents, temperatures and swells for seafarers, climate researchers and others.


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  1. WOW that is an enormous wave but how did you get the right info because it could’ve been 21 or even 25 metres? How do you even register the info?

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