Wicked campervans banned in New Zealand

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Three slogans on Wicked Camper Vans have been banned by the Chief Censor of New Zealand.
It is the first time that writing on a vehicle has been banned in this country
Wicked Campers will face fines of up to $200,000 if the three designs are still used.
The company has been in the news a lot recently for their rude and degrading messages on their cars.
A number of important New Zealanders and groups have been campaigning for a while to get the company to change their designs.
Last month DOC camp grounds banned the use of the vehicles in their campsite.
At this stage Wicked Campers NZ had not made any public statement on their vans.

9 Responses

  1. I want to draw a cat on my vehicle when I’m older but I can’t because its banned. 🙁

  2. I totally disagree! Unless there is any inappropriate, racist, sexist or unnecessary remarks on the Vans, it should be seen as creativity and art! People should be proud of their work or the designed Van that they bought and should be able to drive on our roads with confidence- I’m so shocked by this! 🙁

  3. That is so bad because I recon I am a good artist and I want to draw designs on my car (if I get one) and I can’t because it’s banned ??

  4. They are banning the offensive slogans on the WICKED vans not every car in NZ. You are still aloud to have a “cat” (or something else (thats not offensive)) on your car when your older

  5. I hate Wicked campers!!!!!They are annoying and I think every one of them should be banned from the road!

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