One of the first things you think about at Christmas time is probably a Christmas tree, covered in beautiful decorations, lights and tinsel.

But where did the tradition of having a tree in our house and decorating it like this come from?

Many people think the tradition of Christmas trees started with the Victorians. This refers to the time when Queen Victoria was on the throne, from 1837 until 1901.
Queen Victoria was a very big fan of Christmas and made a lot of the traditions that we know today.
However, the tradition actually dates back further than that.

The first Christmas tree came from Germany when King George III was on the throne.
He had a German wife called Charlotte, who it is thought used to decorate a tree for her family in the 1790s.

At first, people used to put their trees on tables, as they were smaller. But when it became possible to get bigger trees from Norway, people began to put their trees on the floor, with presents underneath.

Ever since 1947, Norway has donated a tree to London to say thank you for helping them during World War II.
A special ceremony is held in Norway in November, when the tree is cut down in the forest in Norway. Then, it comes over to the UK by sea, before being driven to London on a big lorry.

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