Why do TRex have short arms?

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The Tyrannosaurus rex (T.rex) is known for it’s incredibly short arms.

However, new research suggests the dinosaur’s little limbs may have had a very important purpose!

The research was carried out by palaeontologist Kevin Padian from the University of California, USA.

Padian has a theory that Tyrannosaurids, which is the group of dinosaurs the T.rex belonged to, may have seen their limbs shrink over time to prevent them from being accidentally chomped on by a fellow dinosaur when they feasted on prey together.

The T.rex is known to have been a pretty terrifying dinosaur with it’s huge frame, razor sharp banana-shaped teeth and giant head.
However, if the animal’s arms were longer, this could have been tricky during group feeding times according to professor Padian.

Professor Padian says other short arm theories that try to explain the reason for the T.rex’s little limbs aren’t as convincing, but admits its still very difficult to reach a clear conclusion as the dinosaurs haven’t been around for 66 million years.

Tyrannosaurus rex fact!

The T.rex was one of the biggest carnivores to have ever lived on Earth.

It was around 4.5 metres high, approximately 12 metres in length and weighed about 6,000 kilograms.

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