Who is Judith Collins?

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Last week was a very eventual week in the world of politics. The leader of the National Party, Todd Muller resigned and a new leader took the reigns, Judith Collins. You might have noticed a few changes in leadership so far this year. National has had different three leaders in 2020 alone, and five since Ardern became prime minister in 2017.

As we are getting closer to the election, I thought it could be interesting to look into the leaders of the main political parties. Starting with the newest, Judith Collins.

Collins is a 61-year-old ex-lawyer. She has been in politics for almost two decades. You might have heard of her nickname, Crusher Collins? She got this title for attempting to ‘crush’ boy racing and has kept it for due to her tough demeanor.

Some More Facts about Judith Collins:

  • Collins is the first female leader of the National Party since former Prime Minister Jenny Shipley in 1999.
  • This is the third time Collin’s has tried to become the leader of the National Party. Third time lucky huh!
  • She first entered Parliament in 2002 and was promoted to Cabinet by John Key in 2008. She was the highest-ranking woman and was ranked fifth in Cabinet.

However, Collins has released a few controversial statements in her time. You might have seen these in meme-version as they have been resurfacing on social media. 

For example, she has been accused of being racially incentive after she tweeted “I am a woman of colour – the colour white.” Another popularly shared statement is Collin’s attitude towards climate change. In 2019 she said, “kids will grow out of climate change activism when the world doesn’t end.”

Despite her slightly offensive opinions, she is probably the only National MP capable of giving Arden a run for her money. Being the leader of the opposition is a tough job.

Do you think Judith’s up to the challenge? Or will she be the one to get crushed? Let us know in the comments below!

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