Burkinis have been in the news because they have been banned on some French beaches.

What is a burkini?
A burkini is a type of swimming costume that some Muslim women wear. It covers the arms, legs and hair. To some Muslims, wearing clothes that cover these parts of the body is seen as a sign of modesty and of faith. There are lots of different types of headscarves that Muslim women wear and some don’t wear any.

A burkini is a version of these that can be used when swimming or on the beach. It’s called a burkini because it’s a mix of the words ‘burqa’ – which is a type of Islamic clothing – and ‘bikini’.

What’s happening in France?
Burkinis have been banned on several beaches in France this summer. Some towns in France have banned women from wearing a burkini on public beaches or in the sea.
This is because in France religion is supposed to be completely separate from  public life.
This means that symbols of religion are banned in some public places.

How have people reacted?
Many people in France and in other countries think that it is not right to tell women what clothes they can and can’t wear.
They say that it should be a choice whether to wear a burkini or not.
But others think that it is right for the burkini to be banned, as they say that it goes against the values and laws of France.
Some people also think that the burkini is a symbol of women’s inequality to men in the Islamic religion.

7 Responses

  1. They should be llowed to chose what they wear. And I think if it is religiouse clothing they should be allowed

  2. why should the government decide what woman wear to the beach they should be free to wear what ever where ever when ever and especially at the beach a time where we can be free outside and get fresh air and play and swim and fish and boat and surf in the salty sea water

  3. France has no right to tell these women what to wear! But… This might be to do with the ISIS attacking France and all. I’m not sure. :/

  4. I think people should be free to wear burkinis if it is their religious belief and they are not hurting anybody.

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