Weetbix being made in Australia

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When we think of Weet-Bix words such as “Kiwi-Kids” “All Blacks” and ” Iconic New Zealand” come to mind. But little do most consumers know that some Sanitarium Weet-Bix are actually made in Australia. The company “Alert consumers” revealed the findings which has had Sanitarium backing its Australian-made decision. General manager of Sanitarium New Zealand Pierre van Heerden has said that its Christchurch factory had to be closed after the earthquake and subsequently the Auckland factory has since been working over-time.
At times of peak demand, such as major promotions involving the All Blacks, Heerden commented how Sanitarium have no choice but to ‘top-up’ demand from its sister company in Australia. However he was quick to remark that there is New Zealand made Weet-bix (made in Auckland) on the shelves for consumers to buy.
Researcher at Consumer New Zealand Jessica Wilson highlighted the importance of consumers knowing where their products are being made. While Santarium is very open to clarifying its products country of origin, other companies choose not to label their products which can often be very misleading for consumers. As there is a rising danger in companies using misleading marketing methods to make products appear “New Zealand-ish” when the final product is actually made offshore.

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  1. wow I never knew that week-bix was made in Australia I thought that it was made in New Zealand.

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