How do you use your toilet paper. Do you fold it up before use or just scrunch?

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  1. Why would you scrunch it!?!?!

  2. I like scrunchin’ them toilit papers’ up an’ don’t get me wrong bro cos’ just don’t.

  3. Whats the point of folding? I’m always on the go so I scrunch. Folding just wastes a whole lot of time. Who cares if people think you’re lazy for it? When you go to the bathroom nobody can see you!

  4. Scrunch and Bunch before you Munch, thats my special life quote

  5. I think it’s safe to say, I actually do both.
    Fold for number 1 and scrunch for number 2.

  6. SCRUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is soo much quicker, who has time to rip it off, put it on your lap, find the creasing point, fold it down, and wipe the thing!?

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