Washed up whale could explode

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After washing up on Canadian Island Newfoundland, a blue whale is in danger of exploding at any time.

The whale washed up after dying weeks ago, leaving it’s 25 metre long body on a beach in Trout River, the body swollen to twice its normal size.

As it decomposes, the whale’s body has filled with methane gas.

There is disagreement between the Canadian authorities about who is responsible for getting rid of the body.

With only 600 people living there, the town doesn’t have the resources to deal with the whale safely.

The whale is expected to explode at anytime, similar to the sperm whale body that washed up on the Faroe Islands that exploded as a biologist attempted to dissect it.

Article written by  D Mulhern

30 Responses

  1. This whale could be really dangerous if it blew up on this island, wonder how big the explosion would be.

  2. I would hope it will not explode when people are around!
    That whale does not look very healthy

  3. sad i would help the pour thing in to the water but hope it wont go bang

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