Waiheke Mansion up in Flames

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A multimillion-dollar Waiheke Island mansion has gone up in flames.
The 1990 mansion was set ablaze on Saturday as part of a firefighting drill on the Hauraki Gulf island.
Up to 45 volunteer firefighters took part in the exercise.
The house was bought for $14.25m in August 2014. The current owners wanted it gone to make way for a new home. The cheapest way to do that was to burn it down!
Firefighters spent the past month planning for today’s controlled burn-off.
Fire Service Counties-Manukau area manager Larry Cocker said on the eve of the controlled fire:
“We get a structure to practise with and realistic training for our volunteers and the owners get the house burnt to the ground.”

23 Responses

  1. thats so stupid burning a house down like that just to make room for a new home some people dont know how lucky they are

  2. Why would you do that its bean there since 1990 lots of stuff could of happened there why would you burn it

  3. why would you guys burn it down please please please build another one. one day please please.

  4. I think it is quite smart because firemen get their training and the people who live there get a nice new house! By the way the land would of cost 13.5 million and the house only 1 million.

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