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  1. Well I think it should be lowered because, why have the older people vote because they most likely won’t be around to see the new prime minister. But I am not saying people over 18 should not be allowed to vote, but they still need a say in the vote.

  2. i think it should be lowered so younger people can have a say in politics and so it would be more fair

  3. well I think we should lower the voting age to 10 or eleven so kids in their last year of primary school can vote

  4. i say yes because us school kids will have more time with the voted canidate for newzealand .

  5. Why should we lower the age when the people over 18 don’t even vote. We need to sort out the over 18’s that aren’t even voting before we lower the age.

  6. I say we should lower it because then us kids well 12-18’s will have a choice on what they’re future is going to be like also if we can have part time jobs and are responsible enough to pay the government tax then why can’t we vote for our political party’s that we would like to have more seats for in the white house.

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