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Would you like to choose the winners in the New Zealand Children’s Book Awards?
Be part of the Children’s Choice voting and have your chance to vote for the New Zealand books you think are the best.
Children and teenagers across the country have been busy reading and reviewing their favourites amongst all the New Zealand books entered in the 2015 NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults. Their votes created a list of 20 books they think are the best.
So get voting: we want to know what you think. Choose your favourite in the Top 5 in each category that’s relevant to your age group. (We have adult judges separately deciding on the overall winners, but we also want to know what kids think are the best books.)
Everyone who votes will be in the draw to win some books for yourself and for your school. On the second page we will ask you help us contact you via your school if you win.
If you are unsure about anything ask mum or dad or your teacher to help you.
So vote now and tell your friends to vote too.
Just click here to vote!
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  1. GERONIMO STILTON IS BADDDDDDDDD. Its a bit weird because the mystery is always the same and you can easily guess who is the criminal. ALSO their running out of ideas. Sorry if this offends people!

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