Venomous swimming centipede found in Thailand

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A new species of swimming centipede has been discovered in Thailand.

The centipede has been named “Scolopendra cataracta”, which comes from the word waterfall.

It belongs to a group of giant centipedes called Scolopendra and can grow up to 20 centimetres long.

The centipede is able to swim and dive in water and is the first known species of centipede that can do so.

However, at first scientists confused it with a different species of centipede, so it was forgotten about for many years.

All centipedes are venomous and a bite from this one would be very painful, but thankfully they only live in south-east Asia!

Millipede vs Centipede

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  1. Millipedes belong to Class Diplopoda and are more rigid arthropods distinguishable by their subcylindrical shape. Centipedes have one pair of legs per body segment, while millipedes have two pairs. While most centipedes are known for their speed, millipedes move slowly and burrow.

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