USA aims for Mars landing by 2030

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American President Barack Obama has announced plans to send humans to Mars, and back, by the 2030s.

He said that the US government is working together with private companies to “transport astronauts on long-duration missions in deep space”.

Obama is meeting this week with scientists, engineers and students to dream up new ways of reaching the goal.

The ultimate ambition would be to stay on Mars for “an extended time”.

Obama is now in the final months of his eight-year long presidency, but hopes to get these plans going before he leaves the White House.

This is not the first time that Obama has mentioned space travel to Mars.
In 2010, he said that he believed people could be sent to Mars by the mid-2030s and that he “expects to be around to see it”.

Mars is on average 140 million miles away from Earth
Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and is the second closest to Earth after Venus.
On average, there are around 140 million miles between Earth and Mars. The distance constantly changes as both planets move around the Sun.

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