US county bans homework

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Who likes homework?

Students at one county in Florida won’t have to worry any more about homework, thanks to a new policy that affects 31 elementary schools in the area.

Instead of homework, Marion County Public Schools families will be encouraged to read to their children for at least 20 minutes each night.  And if kids don’t have an adult at home to help them read, they can get help from volunteers and even audiobooks. The policy only applies to elementary school students, so once they hit middle school, they’ll have to do homework.

The decision received mixed responses, with some parents praising the change while others noting homework helped them know what their kids were learning in school, and it also taught their kids how to be organized and responsible

Overall, there hasn’t been a ton of research yet about the consequences of banning homework, but the small number of schools that have tried it haven’t reported any negative effects yet.

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  1. Wow this can’t be tire but amazing for those who live in the us because u only have to read in nz we have to do kiwi kids news and math and reading and that’s great but not as great as the us

  2. Wow, I never knew that Florida had no homework to do in NZ we do Maths,Reading and writing and we do maths for homework.

  3. I wish I had no homework ? life would be so much easier. And I can spend all my time with my family.

  4. They are sooooo lucky we have to do every kind of school work reading, writing, drawing, singing and we can go on the laptops to do…WORK!I kinda like drawing though.

  5. i wish didn’t have home work but my homework still easy cuz we have to read for 20 mins and learn ten words for spelling and give an article or share a article by sending it to our teacher but we need a summary

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