Unusual discovery

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After suffering nosebleeds for 3 years, a Saudi Arabian man finally went to the doctors to find that he had a tooth growing in his nose!

The 22 year man had been having at least 1 nosebleed a month for the past 3 years before finally going to the doctors.

Both the doctors and the man were shocked to discover the tooth growing in his nasal cavity which had been scratching the inside of his nose and causing the bleeding.

Doctors were extra surprised by the discovery as the man had perfect teeth in his mouth but, although rare, extra teeth can develop and occasionally grow upwards.

The tooth was removed successfully from the man’s nose and he hopes he will no longer have those pesky nose bleeds!

Article written by Β D Mulhern

34 Responses

  1. Erm……………………………………………..

    Maybe I have a tooth growing in my nose, I have lots of nose bleeds πŸ™

  2. Ouch Ihardley ever have nose bleeds so I definitely don’t have one at least I think that.

  3. how what um that is DESCUTING
    how does a tooth grow upwards

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