Undersea treasure worth $175million found

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A chest thought to contain as much as NZ$174 million of gold has been discovered by British treasure hunters.

The gold was found in the wreckage of a Nazi cargo ship.

The ship, SS Minden, was deliberately sunk on the orders of Adolf Hitler.

The UK-based hunters from Advanced Marine Services found the chest approximately 190km off the southeastern coast of Iceland in early July.

They have now had to apply to the Icelandic government for permission to open the treasure because there is a dispute over who owns the chest – the hunters believe who finds it, keeps it.

31 Responses

  1. this is shocking well done on those British treasure hunters who found that treasure. 😀

  2. that is alot of money how could you find that much the people who found it must of been over the moon

  3. I hope that any gold artefacts in that chest get displayed to the public.

  4. i think the group who found it gets to share it and keep it why do they need permission from the government when the government didn’t find it

  5. It’s right if someone finds it they keep it.
    It’s a little unfair to the hunters cause they the one who finds it and they work hard to find it.
    but that’s a lot of money tho.

  6. well i say they should half the value of treasure and distribute it equally between them

  7. that is amazing I wonder how long its been in the ocean for? you never know but it is awesome that they found $175,00000 they totally deserve that money.

  8. They should give everyone 1MILLON dollers cause there is only 4MILLON people in NZ so they could give 4MILLON people 1MILLON dollers

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