Trumps US travel ban explained

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US President Donald Trump is continuing to back a ban on people from seven mainly Muslim countries entering America, despite a Federal Judge in Seattle suspending the ban. He has said he will appeal the Judges ruling. The battle may end up in the Supreme Court.

Mr Trump said the plans were about keeping America safe from terrorism, and it was not a ban against Muslims. The new rules also include stopping Syrian refugees travelling to the US until further notice.

There have been big protests against the ban all over the world, and especially in American airports.

Who is affected by the ban?

  • There is a ban on all refugees entering the US for 120 days. However, Syrian refugees will not be allowed to travel to the country until further notice.
  • All nationals from seven mainly Muslim countries – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen are not allowed to America for 90 days.

But there remains a lot of confusion about how it all works.

President Donald Trump sacked the US attorney general Sally Yates – an important job in law in America – after she questioned what he had done.

How does it affect New Zealand?
Prime Minister Bill English says it has been a frustrating few days, as New Zealand has tried to get information on how US President Donald Trump’s immigration policy would affect New Zealanders.

The New Zealand government has been advised dual passport holders from any of the seven countries which have restricted entry to the United States under President Trump’s immigration ban, will be able to travel to the US on their New Zealand passport.

5 Responses

  1. “after she questioned what he had done.” Sally Yates did not merely question what Trump had done. She went as far as to say “For as long as I am the acting Attorney General, the Department of Justice will not present arguments in defense of th[is] executive order”. She was asking for the boot, by not even letting the DoJ argue in defense of the ban. She was days from resigning so there was no big consequence for that action. I think the article tries to make her out as a victim but that is just my opinion.

  2. To add on, these Muslim majority countries were also marked as dangerous by Obama’s administration, and Trump’s administration is now enforcing and adding onto what Obama’s administration had already made reports about.

  3. i seriously cant even what is wrong with Donald trump but i get the Obama administration marked these countries as dangerous but here’s the thing HE didn’t ban them from going to america to be honest Bernie sanders should’ve been president i cant believe he won over the peoples votes, I’m going rage quit right now even though i don’t even live in America 😀

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