Trump’s star gets a wall

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Donald Trump has a star on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame.

As an act of protest about Trump’s proposal to build a wall between Mexico and America, a street artist has build a wall around Donald Trumps star.

The 15cm concrete wall is adorned with mini barbed wire, tiny “keep out” signs and little American flags.

The street artist said: “I think [Trump’s plan to build a wall] is completely ludicrous. So I try to get my work to act as a catalyst to get people thinking about his policies. The US is an incredible place because it’s so multicultural. It was founded on people from dozens and dozens of different nations.”

13 Responses

  1. I think this is very creative showing awareness about what trumps capable of and that trump was not joking about building a wall between Mexico and u.s.a

  2. I think this is a creative and artistic way of showing that some people don’t agree with the wall that Trump proposed! Its also showing that President Trump is serious about building a wall between USA and Mexico.

  3. All jokes aside, I don’t know what problems people have with Trump’s wall. Only problem I can really think of is the Money and Time problem. He will create thousands of jobs for years in the process of building the wall. So many uninformed people don’t even realize that Trump is taking a stand against illegal immigration, and trying to help America’s illegal immigration problem. This is similar to the Muslim ban (That I don’t agree with entirely) as Trump obviously loves his great nation and wants to put the American people first.

  4. I think that this artist is right! America was built up from many different people from many different walks of life. It deserves to stay that way!

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