Tourists to pay more on Great Walks

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International visitors in New Zealand will pay more to stay overnight on New Zealand’s four most popular Great Walks.
The announcement was made by Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage is part of a seven-month trial during the 2018/19 season.
The Department of Conservation (DoC) spends $3.8 million more a year than what it makes from hut fees. They expect to earn $2.9 million during the trial period.
About 120,000 people tramp the nine Great Walks in New Zealand each year.
Prices for huts for international visitors, including children, on the Milford Track will now be $140 per night; on the Kepler and Routeburn tracks, $130 per night; and Abel Tasman Coastal Walk, $75 per night.
Hut prices for New Zealanders remain at $70 per night for the Milford, $65 per night for the Kepler and Routeburn, and $38 per night for the Abel Tasman Coastal Walk. New Zealanders under 18 will remain free of charge.
Bookings for New Zealand’s nine Great Walks will open mid-June for the 2018/19 season

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  1. well just because people are not paying it does not mean they will start to pay with money cost rising, they need more people to collect the money because were is everyone going to put their money?

  2. That will probably will make people stop going there.maybe not a good choice to make it super expensive for only a day but a reasonably good price for people under 18.

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