Top 5 scariest runways

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Do you hate flying? As I get older the more I dislike the bumps, and especially the landing.

Most airport runways around the world are large and easy to land at, but there are a few runways around the world that are pretty scary and require skilled pilots to land the planes.

1. Princess Juliana International Airport

The landing strip is so short that planes must approach the island at an extremely low height, which means flying less than 20 metres above tourists sunbathing on Maho Beach. Check out the video taken from a tourist at the beach here.

2. Courchevel Airport

Courchevel airport in the French Alps has a runway covered in ice and is surrounded by snowy mountains.
Only specially trained pilots are allowed to land at this airport as they have to navigate a labyrinth of mountains.

3. Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok, Thailand.

This runway is in the middle of a golf course! Golfers play holes that run between two of the runways and even Tiger Woods has been held back by a red light for planes to land.

4. Barra International Airport, off the coast of Scotland.

This small runway situated on a beach. At high tide these airport runways are under the sea and so flight times vary with the tide.

5. Lukla Airport

This airport is the closest to Mt Everest in Nepal. On the approach to Lukla, if you stray too far to the left and you’ll crash into mountains, too far to the right and you’ll fall down about a 1000 metre drop. Then when you add extreme whether and a short runway into the equation this airport becomes one of the most scariest airports to land at.

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