Tongan Language Week

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Today marks the start of Tongan Language Week, celebrating the ethnicity of more than 60,000 islanders living in New Zealand.
The official launch was held by the Ministry for Pacific Peoples in Auckland on Sunday night.
The week was about celebrating the language at home and with family. This year’s theme is ‘Fakakoloa Aotearoa ‘Aki ‘Ae Nofo ‘A Kainga’ or ‘Enriching Aotearoa with our Family Values’.
Tongans are the third largest Pacific population in the country, and although the number of Tongans has grown since 2001, their use of the Tongan language has dropped from 57 percent to 53 percent.
Events are being held around the country until Saturday 9 September.

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  1. Yas! I’ve been waiting for this week. (Because I’m Tongan)
    Pleased to see Tongan Language celebrated on KKN but all the past Language weeks are not featured on this.
    Here are some simple Tongan Phrases you could learn:
    Greetings – Malo e lelei
    What is your name? – Ko hai ho hingoa?
    My name is… – Ko Hoku hingoa ko ____
    It’s Tongan Language Week – Uike lea faka-Tonga.

  2. I like this article because it makes us learn more about Tongan language week and makes us know them goodly and now we know because you told us ?????

  3. I like this article because it makes me learn more about other cultures.it makes me learn more about Tongan language week and Tongan people

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