Toblerone changes shape

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Toblerone chocolate bars are changing shape to have more of a gap between the triangles.

Mondelez International, which makes the treat, has made the gap between the bar’s famous chocolate mountain peaks slightly bigger.

They have done this to reduce the weight of the bar overall.

The company said that it either had to make the bar smaller or make the price higher, and it decided to change the shape.

Some fans aren’t very happy about it! They think Mondelez should have made the chocolate bar shorter so the pieces would stay the same shape. Some think the price should have been increased and the length kept the same.

12 Responses

  1. it has been a long time since it has changed and ps this is the first time I’v seen this article

  2. As a chocolate lover my self I think the Toblerone decisions aren’t the best concerning a lot of people and I agree with most of the world and say BRING TOBLERONE BACK to it’s normal shape and size.

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