Time capsule found behind Beehive

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Contractors working on the refurbishment of Wellington’s Bowen State Building have found a 50 year old time capsule.
The capsule was found last week by those working on the $200 million renovations. It will be opened today (Wednesday) to see what’s inside.
It came as a surprise to those working on the project, as there’s no record at all of a time capsule being buried at the time of construction.
The Bowen State Building was designed and built by the Ministry of Works in the late 1950s.
The capsule will be opened on site by Minister of Arts, Culture, and Heritage Maggie Barry at midday today.
Comment below what you think what might be inside. Remember that it was buried in the 1950’s.

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  1. We think there might be some old clothes, a booklet of old photos, some old documents of parliment, a diary, a letter about the person who buried it and why. Maybe even an old camera. We would like to know where the time capsule was found? Methven Primary School.

  2. This is a very cool post. Good job whoever made it. I think that there might be old money in the capsule…

  3. I’m thinking maybe some old books about politics, some old money and some paper.
    Not expecting anything exciting.

  4. OHH That is very interesting And behind the beehive which is a popular Landmark Means more treasure to be found :0

  5. this is great for our time it might have news paper clipping
    and a photos or diary

  6. There might be clothes or something, BUT this is all probably a lie! D:

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