Tiddlywink stuck up women’s nose for 37 years

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A New Zealand woman has received the shock of her life after doctors found a tiddlywink stuck up her nose. It has believed to have been there for 37 years.

For most of her life, Mary McCarthy has often had a pain on the right side of her nose. Then last year after an extremely painful Covid-19 test, her nasal problems deteriorated.

Tiddlywinks is a child’s game, which was developed in England in the 1860s. It is played with sets of small discs called “winks”. Players use a “squidger” to shoot a wink into flight and into a pot for points.

McCarthy said she remembered playing tiddlywinks with her seven brothers and sisters and as an 8-year-old. She also remembers putting the ‘winks’ up each nostril and “blowing them out to see how they would go”.

“One time I accidentally inhaled one instead of blowing it out, and I was a bit too scared to tell my mother, so I didn’t. I remember being terrified at the time, thinking ‘where it has gone’.”

McCarthy is now looking forward to easier breathing and a straighter nose.

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  1. I wonder if see likes them and see will still play the game. If I see one again I would run or smash it with a hammer.

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