Threat to poison infant formula

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It has been revealed that the Police have spent more than three months investigating a blackmail message which threatened to poison New Zealand Milk product with the lethal pest poison 1080. Both Fonterra and Federated Farmers were sent a letter in November which contained the written threat as well as a mystery form of milk power. When tested in a laboratory the powder tested positive for concentrated forms of 1080.
While no further correspondence has been received since November, the Government has stressed the fact that all measures are being undertaken to ensure that the threatened products are safe. This has included rigorous testing and measuring since November from which no 1080 poison has been found.
While the letter was most likely a Hoax designed to scare the Government about its use of 1080 poison as a pest control in New Zealand, the Government treated the threat very seriously. It is because of these serious precautions made in which the Government can be confident in affirming that all infant milk formulae meets New Zealand’s strict food safety requirements and is safe to consume.

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  1. i think that we should ban fontera milk because if its posoinis its bad for us we need to be safe dont we?

  2. That’s just gone to far he/she who said they will… Just really?! Man I probably won’t sleep tonight…!v:(

  3. um awkward because first they should know better
    than to write a letter and leave it as a threaten because
    that is not true Font era is a locked company security cameras
    nothing to worry about please people

  4. I think he/she has taken this to far this is dangerous I’ve also heard it on the news

  5. That is so stupid I think that if they cared about baby’s they wouldn’t put soo much on the _line_ _______ ! ! !
    If your out there Who ever you are who did this threat you are a horrible person
    you are stupid

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