The world’s most common pin number

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A study by scientists have found that the world’s most popular PIN number or password is the number – 1234.  Infact a staggering 11% of people have this as their number.

This number was closely followed by 1111, 0000 and 7777 as other most popular numbers.

The study found that people generally use important dates or information asa guide when picking their PIN  number. The most popular of these is a pet’s birthday or the date of our wedding anniversary.

Research suggests that many people simply opt for the most memorable code they can think of.

Using the digits zero to nine there are a total of around 10,000 possible ways to form a four-digit PIN code.

But using data from security breaches and previously released or exposed password tables, the bloggers found that 11% of the 3.4 million passwords they looked at were 1234 – a proportion they described as “staggering” and betraying a “lack of imagination.”

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1. Find quote from the main person in this news article?

38 Responses

  1. that’s so weird and really funny because that’s the same pin as my brother!!!! lucky I didn’t write my real name or u would all be trying to steal his card!!! lololololololol

  2. Wow this would make it quite easy for hackers and criminals to do BIG robberies! Whoa!!!!!

  3. That is very innapropiate for this website. You should know better. Hacking is a very bad thing to do because it can hurt peoples feelings and also, people work hard for that money!

  4. All of those are really easy to remember if I had a pin code it would be my birthday date or the year I was born.

  5. What if someone steals your money when u r big…. how would you feel? I’d feel terrible(of course!)

  6. Um…that probably isn’t the best thing to be putting on a public website considering the amount of bad people in this world!! I don’t want mine to be hacked into :O :O :O :O

  7. Hehehe that is so failed mine Is just some random numbers that don’t even make any sence 😛

  8. That is such an inaprpriote article, look at what people are writing! Shearing stuff that we should not no and names that are inappropriate and last but not least the comments are really poor!

  9. You make a great point! This site is not for you to write stuff that people should not know! You guys should know better!

  10. Hi I just want to say that this site is Really Cool.
    Can I please read all the post on this site!!!!!!!!!



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