Test tube beef burger made in London

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Scientists in London have unveiled the world’s first lab-grown beef burger.

The small 140g patty was  fried in a little oil and butter and served it to volunteers.

The meatless burger cost more than $425,000 due to the complex technology that had to go into the design.

The  “cultured beef”  is made using strands of meat grown from muscle cells taken from a living cow, mixed with salt, egg powder and breadcrumbs and coloured with beetroot juice and saffron.

The thought is that  this kind of product could replace beef in the diets of millions of people and in so doing reduce the huge environmental pressure caused by raising livestock.

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1. Find quote from the main person in this news article?

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  1. I doubt highly that any people that arent handycaped will buy a patty made in a lab. 🙂

  2. Taking cells could mean just taking one hair, or one flake of skin. It doesn’t mean that an entire cow has been mutilated. This is actually very important scientific research. Being able to ‘grow’ food from just a few cells of an animal means that less resources will be taken up to produce more food, meaning we can feed the starving. Also, the ‘poor’ animals won’t be slaughtered for meat as much.
    However, the process will have to become (a lot) cheaper to be viable

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