Tesla to release human robot

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Car company Tesla has released plans for a humanoid robot called the Tesla Bot.

The Tesla Bot will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to complete tasks. It will be 1.7m tall, weigh 57 kg and be built from “lightweight materials”. The bot wont be fast though, only being able to travel about 8km per hour.
the Tesla bot will have 8 cameras to help with navigation.

CEO of Tesla Elon Musk made the announced in the weekend. The new robot is designed to do repetitive, dangerous or annoying work.

The company hope to launch the prototype next year. It would complete tasks such as attaching bolts to cars in a factory, or picking up groceries at stores, as well as hundreds of other different tasks.

The move to create a human robot will extend Tesla’s work on self-driving cars, and the robot would use the same computer chip and navigation system.

24 Responses

  1. I think that if you built a robot, it would take people’s jobs and they wouldn’t get paid enough. Then, they couldn’t look after their family and they might end up on the streets begging for money!

  2. I don’t think this is an “amazing idea” that people are saying because people can lose their jobs to robots which can make chaos.

  3. It could be a good idea if they can get it to work, but seeing as there’s so many hackers these days it could go south pretty fast.

  4. i think i might have seen too much movies like uuuh the michels v the machines its funny but nice robots just like the tesla bot but then they take over the world its so funny we are not high tech yet

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