Teenager stuck in barney head

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A teenager in the United States has been left purple-faced after being rescued from inside the head of a Barney the Dinosaur costume.

What started out as a Sunday night prank by 15-year-old Darby Risner of Alabama turned into a hilarious rescue mission for the teen and her friends.

Darby found the head at a friend’s house and wanted to scare them, so put it on and went downstairs. But then realised she couldn’t get it off again.

Then things got a little scary. She started getting a little claustrophobic.

Her friends tried getting the head off themselves using Vaseline, and though there was some movement, the fibreglass head wasn’t going anywhere.

Not wanting to “alarm the whole neighbourhood with sirens”, the group piled into a car and drove to the fire station.

The firefighters tried a bit of manpower before making a few cuts into the head which let it “slide right off”.

20 Responses

  1. That would have been pretty scary, but I can imagine how the firefighters would react to someone coming in with a Barney head XD

  2. that would of been hot and really really really annoying and would be hard to breath in
    also she should have put it on first and tried to get it of then she would know that she had cut it of or some one would have to help her also why? why should she even scare that person did he do something to her or was it Halloween or one of those things cause its a little weird to do that to someone

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