Would you take a cabbage for a walk?

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Chinese teens have created an odd way to overcome loneliness – in the form of cabbage walking.

The vegetables have become an interesting tool in helping teens in China overcome their loneliness and depression.

The teens are able to meet new people who are also out walking the green vegetable and strike up conversation with other walkers about their cabbage.

A Chinese psychiatrist believes that the idea took shape due to people ‘feeling as lonely and simple as a cabbage’ resulting in teens beginning to act like the vegetable and befriending them.

17 year old, Lui Ja Chen, says the pastime has helped him, enabling him to transfer his negative thoughts about himself to the cabbage.

He then takes it for a walk and comes back feeling better, sometimes throwing out the vegetable and tossing away the negative feelings with it.

He also claims that cabbages are better than dogs as they don’t bark or fight with other cabbages, nor do they need feeding or leave a mess on the pavement.

Still, the sight of teenagers pulling cabbages down the street on leashes is certain to attract a lot of attention.

Article written by  D Mulhern

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  1. I think the best way to overcome loneliness is to socialise with other humans, not cabbage!

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