Subway bread is not really bread

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Subway bread has officially been described as confectionery.

The judge has ruled that the bread served at Subway can not in fact be defined as bread because of its high sugar content. Therefore, it should thus be classified as confectionery

The ruling followed a court case where Ireland’s Subway argued that the bread used in their sandwiches counted as a staple food and was therefore, exempt from VAT.

However, as the court pointed out, Ireland’s Value-Added Tax Act of 1972 draws a distinction between staple foods and “more discretionary indulgences” such as ice-cream, chocolate, pastries, crisps, popcorn and roasted nuts.

The main issue is the amount of sugar in the subway bread. The law says that the amount of sugar in bread “shall not exceed 2% of the weight of flour included in the dough”.

Subway’s bread, however, contains five times as much sugar, around 10% of the weight of the flour included in the dough.

29 Responses

  1. It’s still bread, its just high in sugar.
    That doesn’t stop it from being bread.
    its like saying if you put more sugar in a muffin than normal its not a muffin any more.
    I’m disappointed.

  2. Wow this is just wow I can’t believe that one of the most famous bread places is made out of candy. it didn’t even make sense. I think I’ll go to bakers delight instead…

  3. my mum after readings this: nope you can’t get subways now it has too much sugar…
    me: bruh is bread

  4. Subway bread is still bread. Its just classified like that so they can make more money. Even the people of Ireland still call it bread.

  5. Cool I didn’t know that about subway bread. That’s why it tastes better than normal bread.

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