Student made ‘mini boat’ travels from US to UK

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A student made “miniboat” made by students at three Rhode Island schools has travelled from the US to the UK.

The boat was placed in the Atlantic Ocean and washed up on a British beach 10 months later.

The boat, named Inspiration, was made by students at Central Falls High School, Veterans Memorial Elementary and Raices Dual Language Academy, all schools located in Central Falls.

The boat was made seaworthy and had a GPS tracker. It had lots of information about Central Falls and about the schools and the children that helped build it.

The miniboat was placed into the Atlantic Ocean in March 160km off the Rhode Island coast by the R/V Endeavor, the University of Rhode Island’s research vessel.

The small vessel’s sails carried it across the ocean in 10 months, and in November it was found on a beach in Christchurch, England.

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  1. My name is Mohammad Zaki, I’m a 5th grader and I read about your article and I was amazed about your creation. I’m pretty sure that your project will shine.
    Thank you

  2. I am Hanan I’m a 6 grader it is supposed to be 300km but a good record for people to beatI think you do better next time and you will get more than 160 km if you keep on trying and never give up

    by Hanan

  3. Hi I’m Georgie Moloney I am a 5th grader (year 6 in nz)you are my leader

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