Straw invented that stops hiccups

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Scientist have invented a straw that stops hiccups.

The device is called the FISST and stands for “forced inspiratory suction and swallow tool” (FISST). The tool costs about $14USD and has a distinctive design.

The device is a rigid L-shaped straw that has a mouthpiece at one end and an adjustable cap with a pressure valve, in the form of a small hole, at the other.

Hiccuping people place the device into a glass of water and use it to sip.

The inventors say the HiccAway’s forces people to suck and swallow and in their trails they found that it stopped hiccups in 92% of cases during trials.

What are hiccups?
When you get hiccups – or singultus as they are medically know – the diaphragm and intercostal muscles suddenly contract. The quick intake of air causes the opening between the vocal folds – known as the glottis – to shut, resulting in a “hic” sound, often to the embarrassment of the afflicted and the amusement of others.

The straw device “works instantly and the effect stays for several hours,” says Dr Ali Seifi who is the associate professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. He was a co-author of the study which tested team 249 people.

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