Sports drinks bad for children

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Public health experts are calling for unhealthy drinks to be taken out of Saturday sport.

A recent study from the Otago University has shown that many of the sports drinks children use on Saturday are filled with sugar.

Most children within the survey thought the drinks were good for them because they were packaged and advertised as helping people play sport better.

The lead researcher, Moira Smith, said such drinks were putting children at risk of obesity and tooth decay.

Dr Smith said children who played Saturday morning sport do not need sports drinks for extra energy or re-hydration.

For any activity up 90 minutes long water is the best option for children.

Do you use a sports drink when you are playing  sport?

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  1. I personally think that even though sport drinks aren’t the best thing for you, it doesn’t mean that we have to stop drinking them! If your doing a Saturday sport you would be working off the sugar anyway! SO WAHTS THE BIG DEAL!!! No ones telling people off for eating MacDonald’s and that is way worse!

  2. I agree. My class just had a nutritionist in called Nova and we learnt that sport drinks are really bad for you and could cause diabetes. They also have sooooooooooooooo much sugar in them!

  3. its not a good thing im in netball and sport drinks are what keeps us going when were tired. If we drink it it will make us feel alive well aliver then we were before. DONT BAND THE DRINKS

  4. I am only allowed to drink sports drinks with water to take out all the sugar.it tastes disgusting so i never drink sports drinks

  5. we should ban sports drinks you can get just as much energy from fruit and healthy drinks.


  7. well ok we could have it once in a while… …Belive me,i have never tried sports drinks like powerade. Ive got used to water!

  8. I love those drinks why are they so bad for you they give you lots of energy ;-] sad face

  9. well i guess water is okay but any way i drink fruit juice for netball it is way more healthy even with the fruit suger so yeah!!!!!!

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